(Registration Open) 1st Baguio Online Darts Tournament

Online tournaments are the way to keep the darts community alive and kicking during these times as well as to connect players from all over the world. Yesterday, the Baguio Online Darts Tournament opened registration as well.

What is the Baguio Online Darts Tournament?

The Baguio Online Darts Tournament is a tournament originated in the Philippines (Baguio is a city in the Philippines), organized by Jc Apostol Dalayday and sponsored by CUESOUL. The winner will receive CUESOUL Darts accessories. Currently, around 30 Filipino players from all around the world have registered, including Jojo Tamares (from Italy) who won the 1st and 3rd Phil M.A.D.E. Maharlikan Dart Tournaments. The maximum amount of entrants is 128.

What’s the format?

The format of the tournament is 501, best of 13 legs up to the quarter finals. The semifinals will be best of 19 legs and the final best of 21 legs.

The games are played with NAKKA and Facebook Messenger, therefor two devices and good internet connection are required.

Registration closes at June 5th, 7pm PHT. The draw will be live on Facebook on June 6th, 6pm PHT.

More information can be found on the flyer below, registration can be done by messaging Jc Apostol Dalayday on Facebook.

1st Baguio Online Darts Tournament
1st Baguio Online Darts Tournament

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