OGN Darts Championship Semis: Choi and Park leave strong impression

Hello dear readers,
There was some good news today: The OGN Darts Championship was played in South Korea again with three awesome matches. I hope many of you watched the games and will tune in again next week. If not, you can read a recap of the matches down below. Next week will feature both ladies and men finals, so be sure to keep an eye on my social media and website again for updates.


Yeo Joon Park (박여준) 2-0 Suk Jin Kim (김석진)

Set 1: 3-0
Set 2: 3-1

Park wins the bull so starts the match and the first set. Both players start the first 701-leg really well, hitting multiple hat tricks. Park gets 6 darts for 141, leaves 65 after the first three darts and hits 15, bull to take the first leg. In the second leg it’s again Park who’s the better player, hitting bull, bull, T15 to leave 150, but sadly missing the bulls after that. He still has three darts left for 105. Now, he hits bull, 5, bull to take the second leg. Park plays a very strong cricket leg after that, averaging almost 5.5 marks per turn. He takes the first set 3-0 in legs.

Kim starts the second set after winning the bull, but Park hits a 14-darter and an average of 50 PPD in the first 701-leg to break.

The second leg of the second set goes to Park as well, who clearly dominates the match. It’s 2-0 in legs and Park is on matchpoint. Kim prevents himself from getting whitewashed by winning the third leg of the set. The final leg is won by Park, with 6.20 Marks per round. A great game from the young player who gave off a very strong impression. We will see him back in the final on the 25th.

Soon An Lee (이순안) 0-2 Min Seok Choi (최민석)

Set 1: 1-3
Set 2: 1-3

The first leg of the first set is won by Choi, the second by Lee so it’s 1-1 and both players are playing well in what looks to be a close match. Choi plays a strong cricket leg and takes the 2-1 lead. Lee has the lead in the next leg for a long time, but Choi manages to get past Lee. Then, they both have 480 points, and Choi hits three bulls, showing a lot of confidence in his game. He then wins the cricket game and wins the first set.

Set 2 is started by Choi as well, and he wins the first leg. It looked as if Choi was going to break as well, leaving 50. With three darts in hand, he first hit 12 (just outside the bull) and then the S19, after that, Lee was able to take the leg he started and make 1-1 in legs. Choi starts out the next cricket leg really well, Lee is trying to make a comeback with a three in a bed on the T15, but it’s still Choi who takes the leg and comes on matchpoint. He hits a White Horse in the final leg and wins the match 2-0 in sets.

Suk Jin Kim 0-2 Soon An Lee (Match for 3rd place)

Set 1: 2-3
Set 2: 2-3

Kim wins the first two legs in the first set. Lee makes a comeback, taking three legs on the spin to win the first set. The second set is very tense, it’s 2-2 and the last leg of cricket is extremely close. It’s Lee who hits two double bulls to pass Kim in points and win the match.

For more explanation about the tournament, go here
For the ladies semifinal results, go here

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