OGN Darts Championship: Seung A Kim takes third place

On the 11th of March, the OGN Darts Championship went on with the Ladies Semifinals and right after that the battle for the third place. Last week we saw some close matches and a very strong performance from Yu Hee Lee and Hye Jin Choi. Hye Jin Choi kept up that strong performance in the first match of the day…

Hye Jin Choi 2-0 Seung A Kim

Set 1: 3-0
Set 2: 3-0

A very comfortable win for Hye Jin Choi, who kept a very high standard through most of the match. Very impressive performance by her, if she keeps this up I’m sure she has a good chance of winning the final as well. For Seung A Kim it has been a good experience, she just signed with some big names and now got the chance to get experience on a big stage with cameras. She will also play the match for the third place later.

Hye Jin Choi & Seung A Kim (OGN 2020)
Hye Jin Choi & Seung A Kim (OGN 2020)

Hye Lim Seong 2-0 Yu Hee Lee

Set 1: 3-0
Set 2: 3-0

I kinda expected a closer match here, and Lee got chances especially in the first set. In the first set, the two were pretty close in terms of scoring, but it was Seong who hit her doubles better. In the second set, Seong seemed to have more confidence and nearly missed a 128 finish as well.

Yu Hee Lee & Hye Lim Seong (OGN 2020)
Yu Hee Lee & Hye Lim Seong (OGN 2020)

Third place match
Seung A Kim 2-1 Yu Hee Lee

Set 1: 3-2
Set 2: 2-3
Golden Match (decider): Seung A Kim

This was the closest match, both sets went 3-2 and a couple of cricket matches went to the 15th round. After the first two sets, one leg named ”Golden Match” was being played to determine the winner. This leg was a cricket one, which was so, so close. Both players had everything closed except for the bull and there was only a one-point difference. In the end, it was Seung A Kim who won by hitting the bull in the final round. A great achievement for her.

Next week we will see the Unlimited Semis as well as the 3rd place match.

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