The 2020 PERFECT Season: 2019 winners keep it up!

The 2020 PERFECT Tour season has started with a good opening ceremony where 2019 annual winners Seigo Asada and Kasumi Sato officially opened the season. The first tour on the schedule, on the 15th of February, featured both ladies and men. In my opinion, the Perfect Tour has a strong ladies field and that was shown by the close semi-final between Mayumi Ouchi and Momo Zhou. Ouchi won this semifinal 3-2 and took on Kasumi Sato in the final. Sato proved why she was the 2019 champion for the third time in a row by winning the final 3-1 in legs. The men’s final went between Aiki Oishi and Seigo Asada, the 5x Perfect Champion. Asada won this final 2-1 in sets, meaning both annual champions won the first tour on the schedule.

The second tour was a men’s only tournament. Asada made the final again and this time had an opponent in Hiroyuki Yoshino. This time, Asada won 2-0 in sets. Asada leads the ranking now with 400 points, Oishi comes next with 281 points. Sato leads the ladies ranking with 300 points, Ouchi follows her with 225 points.

Due to the coronavirus, the next tour on the 14th of March has been cancelled, meaning we get to see the Perfect Tour back in April (if all goes well). For short updates on the Perfect Tour and other tournaments, follow my Twitter and Facebook pages.

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