OGN Darts Championship: Ladies Quarterfinals

It’s Wednesday so time for the OGN Darts Championship yet again! I’m very excited because this week the ladies will start their part of the tournament and I always feel like the South Korean ladies players don’t get a lot of attention, so this is a good opportunity. If you’re not familiar with the tournament, please read this article. It also contains the full line-up as well as information about the men’s tournament. Well, let’s go to the ladies quarterfinals!

A Reum Shin 0-4 Hye Jin Choi

Hye Jin Choi is a great player so I’m not surprised she won this match with big numbers. The third leg was a strong leg of cricket by Choi. It looked as if Shin would made a comeback in the fourth leg, but as unpredictable as cricket is, it was Shin who made a sprint in the end and won the match 4-0.

A Reum Shin and Hye Jin Choi
Hye Jin Choi and A Reum Shin, OGN Darts Championship

A Seung Kim 4-3 Yeon Joo Ro

Ro starts of the match by winning the bull. She wins the first leg of 701, checking out 74. Kim got two darts for the second leg, but missed, giving Ro the chance the finish 52 which she did. The third leg of cricket went to the maximum of 15 rounds (there’s a maximum amount of rounds to avoid the game to go on forever), it stayed close until the 15th round but Kim ended up with the most points (580 vs 566) and won this leg. The fourth leg also went to the 15th round of cricket and was won by Kim as well. It was now 2-2 in legs so everything could happen. The next 701-leg got close again, both players getting darts for the double. Ro managed to get the lead. The sixth leg was cricket and again it went to 15 rounds and again the win went to Kim. The final, deciding leg was another one of cricket, and I don’t want to sound repetitive but… it was won by Kim again by sitting out the 15 rounds. So, all 701 legs (3) were won by Ro, while the 4 cricket legs were won by Kim and all of them went to 15 rounds and were won by most points.

A Seung Kim & Yeon Joo Ro OGN Darts Championship
A Seung Kim & Yeon Joo Ro OGN Darts Championship

Ji Su An 2-4 Hye Lim Seong

Hye Lim Seong wins the first leg by finishing 122, showing her 15 years experience right away. An breaks back in the second leg. The third cricket leg went to An as well by highest score, Seong missed three times on the bull in the final round to outscore An. Seong does hit the bull in the fourth leg and is the first to hit all the numbers during the round of cricket. The score is 2-2 in legs. Seong extends her lead to 3-2 by winning the next 701-leg. A strong cricket leg from Seong sees her winning the match 4-2.

Ji Su An & Hye Lim Seong OGN Darts Championship
Ji Su An & Hye Lim Seong OGN Darts Championship

Mi Ra An 0-4 Yu Hee Lee

A really strong start from Lee with two hat tricks sees her winning the first leg. She also wins the second leg and hits two solid cricket legs to win the match 4-0. Overall a very good performance from Lee to get into the semifinal!

Lee & An OGN Darts Championship
Lee & An OGN Darts Championship

Next week, the semifinals will be played and of course I’ll be giving updates about those matches as well.

*All images are screenshots from the tournament

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