The effects of the coronavirus for Asian Darts (so far)

Most of my articles are bright and happy, but today let’s talk about another topic: What has the coronavirus, or COVID-19, done for Asian darts so far? Because today I woke up to three tournaments being cancelled or postponed… And it makes me sad because I have a lot of friends in Asia and I hope they’re doing well. Oh and I hope you all like my cover photo of a self-drawn ‘X’.

So first of all, what is this corona? It’s a virus that originates from Hubei, China. There are a lot of theories on where the virus originates from, but one thing is sure: it’s spreading quite fast especially in China but it’s also spreading to other Asian countries. Because of this, organisations of tournaments decide to cancel and postpone to keep the chances of infection low(er). It started with the PDC Asian Tour.

PDC Asian Tour

The PDC was the first big organization to cancel and postpone tournaments on the calendar. Firstly, the tours in Taiwan and China got cancelled until further notice. That way, we were left with only three weekends (six tours) on the calendar. The first would’ve been in Seoul next weekend, but it got postponed and will now be held in May. The next and now first tour is on schedule for March 28/29 in Kobe, Japan, but I don’t think many will be surprised if this one gets postponed as well. There were big plans to add another weekend to the Asian Tour in 2020 (14 events), but again, don’t be surprised if this won’t happen and maybe the Asian Tour even ends up with less weekends than the previous years.


The World had their schedule ready but at the beginning of February they had to make the first change. The opening stage would be in Malaysia, but this stage has been postponed to October 25th. Spain will now be the first stage. Originally, this stage would be held at the same time as the Asian Tour in Taipei, but since that one has been cancelled, I expect Dartslive players to travel to Spain. As a result of The World being postponed, DARTSLIVE OPEN 2020 MALAYSIA will be postponed to the same weekend as these two events are being held together.

Super Darts

Another tournament many of us were looking forward to: SUPER DARTS. The wildcard tournament and the live match battle were being held despite the virus, so that was good news and sounded hopeful for the ‘main tournament’. But on the 20th of February the news still got announced: The tournament would be postponed until further notice.


The Perfect season started as regular, even Momo Zhou attended, participated in the opening, made the semis and signed a deal with SHADE. She also went to a demo with Mikuru Suzuki so all seemed well there. Good to see Momo doing fine! It looked as if the Perfect Tour would be going as scheduled, but hey, I wouldn’t be writing this if something wasn’t cancelled or postponed. The next tour, a men-only event, will go on as scheduled (March 1st), but the third tour on March 14th will be cancelled.


Cosmo Wars is an event held by manufacturer Cosmo, and the second round was going to be held in Chiba (Japan) on the 29th of March. This tournament has been postponed until another date has been found.


In the Philippines, the 83rd Araw ng Davao celebrations have been cancelled as a whole. The dartstournament that was being held during these celebrations has been cancelled as well. This was done to prevent people from getting sick/infected. As for now, it looks like the rest of the tournaments are still on the calendar.

Dutch Open

I already wrote a piece on this, but one player wasn’t able to come to the Dutch Open (Yao Shi Jin) because he lives in the region of Hubei. It would be sad to see more players from multiple countries being unable to travel due to the virus because I think seeing them here is good for the international side of darts.

Darts Organisation Japan (DOJO) has released a statement of their Facebook that they have decided to cancel the 12th Dojo Steel Darts Tournament, held on March 1st.

I’m sure that a lot of tournaments have been cancelled in China. It makes me sad because going to tournaments always makes me happy, it’s part of a lot of peoples social lives so that’s taken away from them (but again it’s understandable, especially in China).
I don’t know of more tournaments that had cancellation (up until today, February 20th), so far the OGN Darts Championship and JAPAN Stage 18 are still on schedule for this weekend and next Wednesday. I see that most tournaments on Darts Topics are still scheduled (FIDO Support Tournament, PHOENIX/Trinidad/Osaka Cup), but that could change as well. As it stands now, Asian players are still able to travel to Europe to participate in, for example, the WDF tour and other tournaments. I also hope to see FB Leung doing well, he qualified for ET1 so great, let’s hope for more good results.

Some consequences of all the postponing are that there are not many tournaments now, but the end of the year will be packed, assuming things will be on then. Also, players are missing out on prize money. They have to keep re-scheduling because nothing is certain. They also have to keep safety in mind.

Again, I hope everyone is doing well and keeps doing well. Hopefully the situation calms down a bit and tournaments can go through as scheduled, especially the Asian Tour.

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