OGN Darts Championship

In a previous article, I wrote about this tournament being held named OGN Darts Championship. I thought some of you might be interested in the tournament, the results so far and to know a bit more about Korean darts, so hereby I made an article that will be updated every week. Broadcast is on Wednesdays, I will also share updates on social media.

What is it?

OGN (previous Ongamenet) is a television channel focussing on broadcasting E-Sports matches and content related to gaming. E-Sports is really popular nowadays and softtip, with the machines, sound, animation and such fits in the themes OGN is bringing to the audience. They came up with this concept and it’s being broadcast on air as well as livestream (감사합니다). You can watch it on OGN or PHOENIXDARTS. OGN Darts Championship is more or less an exhibition but it takes place over the course of months.

To qualify one had to survive three qualifier-rounds. Everyone living in South Korea could participate in these rounds. At the moment of writing, the qualifying stages are over and the tv stage is being played. The tv stages are being played in the OGN E-sport Stadium (OGN e스타디움).

The tournament has two parts: Unlimited, where everyone (both men and women) can participate, and a ladies competition where, logically, only ladies can participate. After the qualifiers ended, the final 32 ‘unlimited’ participants were all male and eight ladies were left on the ladies competition. The participating ladies are as below (all pictures by OGN):

From L-R: Choi Hye Jin, Shin A Reum, Kim Seung A, Ro Yeon Joo
From L-R: An Ji Su, Hye Lim Seong, An Mi Ra, Yuhee Lee

(Just saying, I was so confused because in the recent announcement of Kim Seung A signing with Bull’s Fighter, PDK and Lulf, she looks a bit different especially her hair. Congrats to Kim for signing!)

As I said, 32 male players have survived the qualifiers, their names are listed in the results below. The most well-known players are Choi Min Seok, Byung Su Seo and Kwang Hee Cho.

The tournament has a good variety of players, for example Jun Kho who has been playing for 17 years already, and players like Ji Hwan Yoon who have been playing for only a short period of time. We see Hyelim Seong among the ladies, in my opinion she’s the best female Korean player, but Yuhee Lee and Choi Hye Jin shouldn’t be underestimated as well.

The prize money for the tournament is:


Champion: 15million Won
Runner-up: 7million Won
Third: 3million Won
Fourth: 1million Won
5~8: 500,000 Won


Champion: 5million Won
Runner-up: 2million Won
Third: 1million Won
Fourth: 500,000 Won

Results – Unlimited

First round (L32)

Hyun Joon Son (손현준) 0-3 Yeo Joon Park (박여준)
Jong Hyuk Kim (김종혁) 3-1 Ji Hwan Yoon (윤지환)
Byung Su Seo (서병수) 3-0 Sung Keung Lee (이성근)
Hee Tae Kim (김희태) 3-0 Deok Gon Kim (김덕곤)

Soo Beom Park (박수범) 3-1 Se Jun Ahn (안세준)
Il Hyeon Baek (김용석) 1-3 Yong Seok Kim (백일현)
Jin Hyeock Lee (이진혁) 0-3 Jun Kho (고준)
Woo Ha Kim (김우하) 2-3 Suk Jin Kim (김석진)

Yoon Ki Cho (조윤기) 3-0 Dong Min Kim (김동민)
Soon An Lee (이순안) 3-2 Ki Young Kim (김기영)
Sung Hwa Jung (정성화) 3-0 Jung Hun Park (박정훈)
Kyeong Pyo Lee (이경표) 1-3 Kwang Hee Cho (조광희)

Jong Hun Park (박종훈) 0-3 Kyoung Won Cho (조경원)
Dong Ju Shin (신동주) 1-3 Tae Kyung Lee (이태경)
Gyung Tae Choi (최경태) 0-3 Sang Won Lee (이상원)
Yong Keun Cho (조용근) 0-3 Min Seok Choi (최민석)

Highlight of Round 1: 152 checkout by Kwang Hee Cho.

Second round (L16)

Hee Tae Kim (김희태) 0-4 Byun Su Seo (서병수)
Jong Hyuk Kim (김종혁) 2-4 Yeo Joon Park (박여준)
Suk Jin Kim (김석진) 4-3 Jun Kho (고준)
Soo Beom Park (박수범) 4-2 Yong Seok Kim (백일현)

Yoon Ki Cho (조윤기) 4-1 Kwang Hee Cho (조광희)
Soon An Lee (이순안) 4-0 Sung Hwa Jung (정성화)
Kyoung Won Cho (조경원) 4-3 Tae Kyung Lee (이태경)
Sang Won Lee (이상원) 0-4 Min Seok Choi (최민석)

Quarter finals

Byun Su Seo (서병수) 1-4 Yeo Joon Park (박여준)
Suk Jin Kim (김석진) 4-3 Soo Beom Park (박수범)

Yoon Ki Cho (조윤기) 3-4 Soon An Lee (이순안)
Kyoung Won Cho (조경원) 1-4 Min Seok Choi (최민석)

Quarter final match, highlight: 122 checkout by Yeo Joon Park.

Results – Ladies

You can find the quarter final results here.
You can find the semifinal results here

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