Malicdem, Ilagan & Orbeta amongst winners of the ‘Roberto ”Tito” Soncuya Memorial Cup’

As I’ve written in my previous article about ‘Darts in the Philippines‘, the Roberto ”Tito” Soncuya Memorial Cup was going to be held, and it was this weekend! And of course I followed the action the best I could. Because there was so much to follow (CT, Romania, JDC and so much else), I recapped the tournament for you all, because you don’t want to miss this!

About the tournament

The Memorial Cup was set up after president of the NDFP, Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya, died last year at an age of 68. He was one of the most important people in Filipino darts, and his shoes are big to fill. A new president has been found in Bem Noel.

Florencio ”Bem” Noel took his new role as president of the NDFP and from what I’ve heard, said some promising words about the future of Filipino darts. More big tournaments, trying to make more funds available and more international exposure. As you might know, darts in the Philippines was doing well already, so he will probably seek to give it even more of a boost. He also presented the ”Darters of the Year” award to both Noel Malicdem and Mark Lumilang. A video tribute was shown in regard to Roberto Soncuya and the NDFP Memorial Plaque of Appreciation was presented to Soncuya, his wife Roo Soncuya received the plaque.

Also, Russ Bray and John McDonald were present during the tournament. Bray called some of the finals on Sunday! Most of us know he spends a lot of time in Asia, so awesome he was at the tournament!



On Friday, the ”Classified Draw Triples” tournament was held. The format was 501. The results are as following:

-Lourence Ilagan, Jo Rivera, Ted Valenzueala

2nd Place
-Jun Buling, Wilmer Ong, Bem Noel

Joint 3rd-4th
-Jhay Doria, Paul Almazan, June Gupaal Jr.
-Mark Opada, Emerson Dela Cruz, Gerry Baetiong

Lourence Ilagan, Jo Rivera, Ted Valenzueala after winning the 2020 Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya Memorial Cup Triples


Saturday the team’s competition (Fixed Four Person Team) was played. This means four players from the same team compete (in the triple competition, players could be from different teams). The format was 701. Results are:

Melvin Kent Pelona / Alex Tagarao
Michael VIola / Bhoy Ulang

2nd Place
Cagayan De Oro Q Darts
Boyet Majomot / Ami Launto
Aris Quijano / John Mark Bracero

Joint 3rd-4th
Team Dager Agendarts
Lito Peresores / Nick John Guelos
Ronnie Rosal / Michael Paculdo

Tropang Amber 3
Ronald Briones / John Denver Oblades
Mark Anthony Opada / Kenneth Madallang

Melvin Kent Pelona, Alex Tagarao, Michael VIola and Bhoy Ulang after winning the Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya Memorial Cup Teams


On Sunday, the Youth Single, Ladies Singles and Roberto ”Tito” Soncuya Cup Open Singles (seeded tournament based on NDFP ranking) were played. First up was the youth competition and the results are:


Biado beat Decena in a last leg decider with 3-2
Gener Biado
2nd Place
Duayne Decena
Joint 3rd-4th
Cien Barrientos
Bonjour Manuel

Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya Memorial Cup. From L-R: John McDonald, Nancy Ambrose, Duayne Decena (runner-up), Gener Biado (winner), Florencio ‘Bem’ Noel and Russ Bray.


Bebang Orbeta won a close final, beating Hinojales in a last leg decider 4-3
Bebang Orbeta
2nd Place
Janjan Hinojales
Joint 3rd-4th
Ging Ansale
Karen Lapiz

Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya Memorial Cup. From L-R: John McDonald, Florencio ‘Bem’ Noel , Bebang Orbeta (winner), Janjan Hinojales (runner-up), and Russ Bray.


Malicdem beat Pelona in the final with a score of 5-1.

Noel Malicdem
2nd Place
Melvin Kent Pelona
Joint 3rd/4th
Paolo Nebrida
Bong Gabiana

Noel Malicdem after winning the 2020 ‘Roberto ‘Tito’ Soncuya Memorial Cup’

*Full results can be found on NDFP facebook page, credits to them.
*All pictures used are by NDFP (National Darts Federation of the Philippines), I’ve got permission to use these pictures in my article

Hopefully you liked the report and next up will be interviews and videos, live from the Dutch Open Darts. So see you soon!

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