Everything about: SUPER DARTS 2020

Update: on the 20th of February the organisation has announced that the event will be postponed until further notice, this due to corona.

Because two tourcard holders are in this tournament now, there has been more talk about it recently: The SUPER DARTS in 2020, held in Tokyo on 13 and 14 March. In this article, I will cover all you need to know about the tournament, so if you ever want to know something, just look here!


The first time SUPER DARTS was held, was in 2007. This will be the 10th event, because it was skipped a couple of times (for example last year). In 2007 it started out as the final stage of DARTSLIVE JAPAN, so only the 16 best Japanese players participated. In 2013, it became an international tournament for the first time, being held in Hong Kong and players like Mark Webster and Colin Lloyd participating. In 2018, so only the previous edition, a female player participated for the first time. She was none other than Mikuru Suzuki, the number one of the JAPAN LADIES tour.

What is it?

DARTSLIVE is an organization for soft tip that’s active all over the world. They have various tours, like the JAPAN TOUR, HONG KONG TOUR, SEA (South East Asia) TOUR, and so on. The SUPER DARTS tournament is a clash of the winners of these tours, an invitation, two wildcards coming out of a wildcard tournament and the winner of the SUPER DARTS 2020 LIVE MATCH BATTLE. One can see it as the ultimate test, an art Grand Slam I guess, but most of all it’s an exhibition kind of tournament with a lot of money on stake. The winner gets 10 million yen, roughly 82 thousand euros. That’s a lot of money.


So far, the participants of the 2020 edition, with their way of qualifying, are:

Haruki Muramatsu (winner of SUPER DARTS 2018)
Martin Marti Santamaria (winner DARTSLIVE European Champions Cup 2019)
Kai Fan (FB) Leung (Number one Hong Kong Tour 2019)
Tengku Shah (Number one SEA (South East Asia Tour 2019)
Teng Lieh Pupo (Winner CC1K Taiwan Grand Final 2019)
Min Seok Choi (Number one DARTSLIVE Korea Tour 2019)
Masaki Oshiro (Number one Japan Tour 2019, as of STAGE 13)
Mikuru Suzuki (Number one Japan Ladies Tour 2019, as of STAGE 13)
Boris Krcmar (Top 4 THE WORLD)
Paul Lim (Top 4 THE WORLD)
Jose Justicia (Top 4 THE WORLD)
Royden Lam (Top 4 THE WORLD)
Phil Taylor (Invitation)
Three more players will be added to this list, so be sure to check back.

Wildcard tournament

Some players just fell short in their respectively rankings, or ended up as number one in the ladies tour, but only the number one on the Japan Ladies Tour qualifies directly. They are able to participate in the wildcard tournament. Two winners will be selected. This tournamet will be held in Korea on February 16.and is free of charge for those eligible.

So, who are able to participate? Let’s check:

THE WORLD 2019 Ranking 5th – 32nd
CC1K TAIWAN 2019 GRAND FINAL 2nd – 8th
JAPAN 2019 Ranking 2nd – 16th *at the time of STAGE13
KOREA 2019 Ranking 2nd – 8th
JAPAN LADIES 2019 Ranking 2nd – 8th *at the time of STAGE13
France National Soft Darts Championship 2019 1st – 4th
United Kingdom Championship 2019 1st – 2nd
Spain National Individual Championship 2019 1st – 2nd
HONG KONG TOUR 2019 Ranking 2nd – 16th
HONG KONG TOUR 2019(LADIES) Ranking 1st – 8th
SEA TOUR 2019 Ranking 2nd – 16th
SPORTS DARTS U-22 Championship 2019
Singles 1st
Ladies Singles 1st


On January 2020, the draw for the tournament has been released.
See my tweet below because it’s a very interesting draw!

Added 11/02: Jose Justicia will play Ryuta Arihara.

Live Match Battle

The final of the Live Match Battle was held with eight players left battling it out. Seigo Asada was the most anticipated player in the field. He lost out in the semis to George Nishitani. Nishitani then lost to Ryuta Arihara in the final, meaing Arihara will take part in the SUPER DARTS tournament as well. He will start against Jose Justicia in the first round.

Tour Card Holders

As we’ve seen, two PDC Tour Card Holders are currently in: Kai Fan Leung and Boris Krcmar. Can they play, it will be streamed? Yes they can, those rules don’t count for soft tip tournaments. Will they go? Probably, because the prize money is high and it’s a prestigious tournament players would love to win.


Both days will be streamed on DARTSLIVE.TV from 5pm Japanese time (9am Amsterdam/Berlin, 8am UK)

All right, I hope you liked my article. Be sure to check regularly for updates, as I will keep this actual. Thanks to dartslive/super darts for all the information!

*Last update: February 11, added results of Live Match Battle, updated draw
*Last update: January 29 2020, added streaming and draw

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